Creating or Opening a Notebook

When you create a new notebook, you are able to choose where you save it.

Most people will want to save a new notebook onto OneDrive, Microsoft's online cloud storage option. By saving your notebook to OneDrive, you can maximize the luxuries of the cloud. Your notes will be synced across all of your devices, meaning you can access your notes on your computer, any other computer, on a tablet, or with a phone. 

I save all of my personal notebooks to OneDrive, but at work I save my notebooks to the company office server. This allows me to still share the notebook with coworkers in the office, but does not allow access to the notebooks outside of the office.

I will cover specific work flows for saving your notebooks in my upcoming OneNote video course. For now, please watch the video below for the basics on creating a new notebook.

When you have created a new notebook but it is not open on your computer, you can open it using the Open option in the File backstage view.

For example, you may have created a new notebook on your PC. Then, you head to vacation and you are on your Surface Tablet. The new notebook created on your PC will only be open on this device. You will need to open it on your Surface using the steps shown in the video (assuming you are using the OneNote 2016 desktop version).

Please watch the video and I think it will explain things. You can always email me directly at with questions. If you prefer, use the post comments to share your questions.

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